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For over 12 years, our New York State Certified and Licensed Real Estate Appraisers have been providing all types of appraisal services to meet our clients' needs:

  • Residential Appraisals
    Residential properties include 1-4 Family Houses, Co-ops, Condominiums and Townhouses. Residential appraisals are needed in many situations, including when you are buying or selling your home, planning an equity loan, purchasing investment properties, refinancing, removing PMI insurance, relocating, dividing property, or resolving tax issues.

  • Commercial Appraisals
    Commercial properties include Large Multi-Tenanted Properties such as Apartment, Retail, Industrial and Office Buildings, as well as Mixed-Use Properties. Commercial Appraisals are needed in situations such as financing, business combinations, division of property, lease analysis, impairment analysis, liquidation valuation, valuation for financial reporting, refinancing and determination of purchase price.

  • PMI Appraisals
    Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI), is a cost added to the monthly payment of many conventional loans, as a safeguard for the lenders who offer loans with a low downpayment. This cost can be removed once certain equity on a property is reached. An appraisal can help you determine what the value is on your home today, and whether you qualify for PMI removal.

  • Historic Appraisals
    A historic (retrospective) appraisal is an estimate of market value that is likely to have been applicable as of a date of value in the past, and is often utilized in probate, divorce and other legal situations. 

  • Rent Studies/Lease Analysis
    This is a commercial appraisal to determine fair market rent for a particular property, useful when entering into a commercial lease.

  • Expert Witness Testimonials
    Scott Gallant, SRA, CSA-G is qualified in New York as an Expert Witness, providing court testimony in which real estate valuation plays a central role, including Eminent Domain and Zoning, Condemnation, Divorce, Probate, Corporate Valuations, Property Tax, Bankruptcy and Title insurance.
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